About me (and what I can do for you).

mips: most important personal stuff

airbnb stayer. book reader. clear thinker. cooking enthusiast. decent dancer. dog owner. dogged researcher. excellent parallel parker. family adorer. film devotee. food lover. former horse farmer. frequent laugher. human rights champion. music fan. new yorker. part-time geek. photo taker. pnw hiker. quick study. raccoon hater. reluctant tweeter. salty preferer. snow shoer. spiritual seeker. stick shift driver. wine drinker. world traveler.

 business bio: portrait of a content writer

I am a freelance content writer, digital marketer, and dang good storyteller, delivering raved-about content to the highest bidder clients I love since 2000.  I combine a practical approach to business with insight, creativity, and a journalistic bent—crafting fresh copy that cuts through the clutter with a customer-centric message. I have wide-ranging experience targeting consumer, small business, and enterprise audiences, many of them in high tech. My client list is pretty impressive and my clients are pretty impressed. (You can take my word for it or you can check it out for yourself.) I can also put together a team to do design and production. In other news, I was a writer/producer on the award-winning documentary film Sweet Crude, about the Niger Delta oil conflict.

Before starting my own business, I did a significant stint in the corporate world and was director of marketing and sales for a photonics company. I have a bachelor’s degree in educational psychology and a master’s in communications. When not working hard for clients, I am playing hard with friends/fam, volunteering at Ronald McDonald House and the Seattle public library with my therapy dog Lucy, traveling, hiking, cooking, reading—and doing what I can to change the world.

Need a copy overhaul? Want a content marketing jump-start? Get help from a pro.