The things in business I value above all


Nothing is more important—not even the work. I’m truly interested in my clients as people and as professionals with big dreams and daily challenges. You’ll find me responsive, responsible, interested in true partnership. And if I can help it at all, we’ll have lots of fun along the way. After all, Joy is my middle name (really).


It can give even the driest material an interesting spin. Create infectious energy for your brand. Make magic in a problem-pinch. Pull off small miracles of timing. And it’s the jumping-off point for change, spawning whole new approaches, revealing fresh language, and—imagine—even changing the world.


A key component of the best work. There’s no faking the deep understanding needed to write with clarity and insight. I will do whatever it takes to “get it” before writing a word. My relentless pursuit may mean you’ll be answering more questions than ever—but check out my client kudos for the payoff.