What’s in a name?

Language arts for business, aka the lab, is a place where the alchemy of words is conjured up daily. No white coats here. No safety goggles or pocket protectors. But plenty of brainy ideas.

Yeah, yeah, I know. For some of you, “language arts” ranks right up there with social studies and algebra. Are you thinking stern countenances, orthopedic shoes, and a frightening depth of grammatical knowledge? I hear you. My Warriner’s textbook didn’t exactly inspire me. But I still managed to develop a passion for English class and was lucky enough to have a couple of life-changing teachers. I love the rules—because they give structure and guidelines. And because it’s important for business writing to be correct. But also because knowing the rules inside out allows the freedom to break them with intelligence and purpose (and I’m not gonna lie, a splash of glee). To me, great writing combines technique and creativity. Meticulous craft and flights of fancy. Language and art.

So c’mon in. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Like all good experiments, ours will be controlled. Somewhat.

Welcome to the lab.