The great behind the goods.

It’s an exciting marketing world these days and content is at the top of the heap. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So many choices, so much hype. I have the background and skills to help you cut through the crowd and develop a content marketing program that works. I will challenge your assumptions (politely), push you out of your comfort zone (gently), and give you new ideas to consider (boldly). Together we’ll find the messages and the voice that feel like you and connect with your audience.

business savvy

I have experience at most levels in most departments in the corporate world and with most types of content creation. I’ve been in the daily trenches of marketing and sales. So not only do I have deep business knowledge, but I “get” your constraints and challenges—and know how to work with them to still meet your goals.

tech and buzzword translation

It can be a sad, unoriginal world out there in business and in tech. Marketing communications often sag under the weight of overused phrases and headache-inducing explanations. We’ll aim for style and sentences that don’t sound like everyone else or everyone else from five years ago. No matter how staid your industry, I can inject life and down-to-earth language into your story. And no matter how dense your technology, I can make it easy to understand. This is my specialty, some would say superpower.

audience focus

In the end it all comes down to results. The best content in the world won’t do much good if it’s not aimed at the people you want to pay attention. Or if it focuses more on what you offer than how what you offer benefits them. I will bug you about this. A lot. The better you understand your audience, the easier it will be to create content they care about. I’m really good at this if I have the right intel. I’m also good at research—but no one knows your market better than you.

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