selected kudos

“Leslye tends to parse her skills—strategist, thinker, observer, researcher, writer—but she brings every single one of them to everything she does. That’s why her final product is always so amazing, whether it’s a brochure, a blog post, or a book outline. She has that rare gift of pulling through the client’s real voice, and putting it forward with elegance, creativity, and intelligence. More than that, she’s a joy to work with, comfortable challenging and cheerleading in equal measure. You’ll love both the experience and the outcome!” Rick Fedrizzi, Chairman, International WELL Building Institute

“Leslye = writing goddess.”

“I have hired Leslye many times to help my team with all sorts of writing and editorial projects—some very technical in nature. She asks very intelligent questions, captures the spirit and tone desired, and comes back with work product that simply hits the nail right on the head. I highly recommend her. You will NOT be disappointed.” Pam Cone, Chief Marketing Officer, Milliman

“Wanted to make sure you knew how thrilled and delighted EVERYONE was with the copy. No one can believe how you brought it to life.”

“Leslye brings an incredible amount of energy, ideas, and creative thinking to any writing or creative project. Always positive while quick to understand technology and audiences, she is a great partner for any agency or client side marketing team.” Lissa Blackaby Forsterer, Director of Sales and Growth Strategy, Owen Jones and Partners

“Everyone is loving your work and asking who is doing the writing because it is done so well. Congrats and thanks again. You truly are a Joy.”

“It’s such a pleasure to get paired up with Leslye on a project. Whether it’s an enormous worldwide product launch or a small, one-off piece, the expertise, talent, and creativity Leslye brings to the project are consistently topnotch. You can always count on her to add strategic thought and spot-on messaging to the job, and some great fun as well.” Lisa Clifford, Creative Director, Kliman Design

“Has anyone told you lately that you’re fantastic?!?!?!”

“I’ve called Leslye ‘lifesaver’ more often than her own name. She takes technical speeds/feeds and marketing jargon and turns them into bottom-line business-value messages that the enterprise IT audience ‘gets,’ and that’s no easy task. She asks the right questions, responds fast, and never fails to come through for us.” Manager, Enterprise Demand Marketing, Intel

“The perfect blend of technical geek and content guru.”

“Leslye can do it all. If you need a true collaborator who knows when working together ends and deadlines begin, she is your writer or editor. Leslye is an incredible listener as well as a keen observer. Somehow, she manages to be top shelf professionally but remain astoundingly creative. I am amazed at what she produces when I have barely given direction. I recommend her in the highest possible way.” Sandy Cioffi, Filmmaker, VR/AR Producer

“Seriously, I understand this stuff better after reading your content than all the meetings and presentations I’ve seen on it. Really: You ROCK!”

“Leslye has the amazing ability to balance logic and magic—resulting in meaningful and emotionally powerful communications. She has the convictions of a true writer, and somehow always finds the flexibility to do the right thing for the intended audience as well as the client.” Scott Palmer, Account Director, Euro RSCG

“Yes! That’s what I was trying to say.”

“Leslye is a dream team player and writer to work with. From her attention to detail and ability to absorb complex subjects, to her artful and very conversational way of translating it to copy for brochureware, program guides, infographics, animation scripts, and more—she is simply the best! Leslye was always eager to help us refine and push through spots where needed, plus she was responsive to those pesky last-minute requests. She is talented, a true professional with a good sense of humor and I would highly recommend her to anyone.” Shari Schoenfeld, Content Strategy Manager, Intel